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The CSR Arena is a CSR advocacy and sustainability-reporting-analysis champion. We encourage and celebrate effective CSR and positive social impact by responsible corporate citizens; we celebrate international best practices in sustainability reporting across different economic divides. Our goal is to realize the dream of development scholars that, 'corporates, more than governments, would bring about the much needed sustainable development across the globe. We partner with FBOs, NGOs, CBOs, governments and corporates to spread the message of sustainable development and corporate sustainability. Our platforms bear tales of good corporate citizenship - grab the microphone that you may be heard.  Contact:

Inside FedEx 2021 ESG Report

The FedEx 2021 ESG Report discusses the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, goals, and programs. The report reflects FedEx ESG progress and performance across her operating companies and geographies in the 2020 fiscal year ended May 31, 2020. […]

Citi Bank Releases 2020 ESG Report

Environmental issues facing the world today needs no introduction; from developed to under-developed countries, evidence of these concerns abound – earthquakes, landslides, wild fire, flood, air pollution, climate change, etc. Every corporate citizen is expected to show concern as part […]


More than ever before, sustainability professionals and social entrepreneurs have seen huge disruptions in their career and enterprise progression as both immediate consequences and aftermath of global COVID-19 pandemic. These have either manifested from suspension of ongoing projects/programs, downsizing of […]