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Counting the Tears

Tears, wailing, sorrow, grief, pain, agony; none of these words can totally explain the plight of the Nigerian citizens in the ensuing violence that has engulfed the entire spectrum of our Nation. From North to South, East to West, there […]


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has published a new Sector Standard – GRI 12: Coal Sector Standard 2022. The new standard is the second of the 40 planned GRI Sector Standards that will set reporting expectations on the sustainability issues that matter […]

Is Greenwashing the Next Pandemic?

As advocacy and awareness for sustainability and sustainable business operations gather much momentum globally, businesses are falling for the temptation of staying on at all cost, whereas some other businesses are rushing to conclusion thereby making false and unfounded claims […]

7 Sustainability Jobs to Re-Launch your Career this March

As macro -economic imbalances continue to displace citizens economically, deepening the unemployment gap, here is are 13 opportunities to re-launch your sustainability career. CRS, Mercy Corps, TLMN, Intersect Consortium, etc, are recruiting: Finance Officer at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) The […]

Inside Novartis 2021 Integrated Report

Biopharmaceutical giant, Novartis rolled out her 2021 integrated report to stakeholders. Integrated reporting has emerged as a concise way of communicating how an organization’s strategy, governance, economic performance and prospects translate to value creation for all stakeholders. Simply put, Integrated […]