Project Control Associate at UNHCR

  • Contribute to reviewing the internal control systems of implementing partners.
  • Contribute to reviewing that IP agreements are in conformity with Country Operation Plans and UNHCR¿s rules, policies and procedures.
  • Keep up to date with all UNHCR rules, regulations and procedures necessary to perform these duties.
  • Escalate IP issues to supervisors.
  • Recommend acceptance or non-acceptance of IPRs and payment of instalments.
  • Contact implementing partners for project-related matters.
  • Have unlimited access to financial and operational records relating to projects.
  • Monitor that a complete record is maintained for all projects.
  • Contribute to reviewing, analysing and verifying Financial and Performance Implementing Partner Reports (Part I-IPFR and Part II-IPR), and to checking accuracy and consistency between IPFR and IPR, in accordance with project agreements.
  • Ensure that the funds obligated under an IP agreement permit the payment of the next instalment or a disbursement, confirming the status of instalments already paid.
  • Support timely project closure in coordination with the programme unit.
  • Bring to the attention of supervisors and programme officers any significant variances at the office level in: budget execution, percentage of project execution, time schedule, and quality of projects against specifications or terms and conditions.
  • Maintain professional relationships with implementing partners.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Application deadline: June 6, 2023. Apply here:

UNICEF Graduate Internship Programme 2023

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or PhD programme, or have graduated within the past two years.
  • Proficient in at least one of UNICEF’s working languages: English, French or Spanish. Fluency in the working language of the office you are applying to, may also be required.
  • Have no immediate relatives (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother) working with UNICEF, or any other relatives in your reporting line of authority.
  • Have strong academic performance and motivation.
  • Additional consideration will be given to any professional experience relevant to the function you’re applying for.

Click here to apply:

Health and Environment Safety Officers at BOGO Beverage Limited

  • To support operational and line management to ensure the functioning of a comprehensive and professional Occupational Health and Safety System.
  • Ensure workplace hazards are identified and communicated to all staff.
  • Track leading Safety KPI’s and support interventions to improve.
  • Candidate must have FMCG experience.
  • Ensuring compliance with Safety systems, standards, and work practices to achieve targets set for the Bogo Safety Pillar and Safety KPI’s.
  • Develops and implements organizational safety programs.
  • Performs safety surveys and inspections.
  • Recommends corrective and preventative measures and follow-up to ensure measures have been implemented.
  • Ensures compliance with timely reporting as state and federal health safety regulations and statutes require.

To apply, send your updated Resume and Cover Letter to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager – West Africa at Fan Milk Plc

  • Inspire and drive the CBU Health Safety and Wellbeing (HS&W) Priorities
  • Lead WISE² safety program & HS&W activities, risks analysis and prevention, standards implementation, trainings, audits & inspection, incident and accident management, equipment safety,
  • Drive continuous Health Safety & Wellbeing continuous improvement & performance, through monitoring of HS&W metrics and action plans, implementation of effective systems, tools & processes.
  • Develop CBU safety capabilities and employees.

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CMR and Logistics Officer at the British Council

  • Supports the functions of confidential materials handling and the Confidential Materials Room (CMR) to ensure British Council standards are met in set up and day to day operations.
  • Manages courier SLA/performance standards and builds relationship with courier service provider in country, so that quality of services and cost elements are in accordance with standards.       
  • Plans and prioritises own work activities, which span across a range of different work streams, responding to changing and at times competing requirements to ensure effective delivery of responsibilities over a weekly/monthly time horizon.
  • Receives and responds to enquiries from/to customers and may be a specific point of reference on queries relating to an area of nominated expertise or responsibility.  Identifies where more complex issues require resolution by others and refers them on accordingly
  • Carries out instructions and requests from Cluster operations and Operations Manager efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensures adherence to CMR standards and management as set forth and carries out frequent random checks to proactively prevent issues from arising.

Apply here:

State Administrative Officer at Malaria Consortium

  • Provide and oversee the day to day administration of the office with support from staff
  • Provide support to the team by overseeing the management and maintenance of the office assets, utilities, office equipment, consumables and supplies;
  • Responsible for recording and updating of office assets in the asset register;
  • Provide monthly reports on state activities as it relates to the admin, procurement and logistics to the office manager at the country office;
  • Oversee the setting up of a filing system for the office, ensuring ease of storage and retrieval of documents.
  • Responsible for the effective maintenance of all IT equipment and computer in the office
  • Oversee all logistic arrangements including maintaining an updated record of events, travel itineraries of staff and short-term consultants (as applicable) to ensure proper delivery and satisfaction of service to the project;
  • Responsible for procurements of assets to the state offices in line with MC procurement policies as well as vendor management and other service providers contracting (including security and IT);
  • Will ensure updated records and valid documentation all of vendors. And other service providers and consultants are registered on NAV;
  • Responsible for negotiations with hotels, travel and transport services and oversee general logistics for field/state activities;
  • Liaises with Country Office on administrative and logistics difficulties and other office maintenance issues;
  • Provide support to the office driver, by providing supervision, coaching and mentoring in developing vehicle movement plan, implementation and review;
  • The officer will check the vehicle log sheet and driver’s time sheet and sign off on them monthly.
  • Support the coordination of internal and external stakeholder or technical meetings, workshops, seminars, including all travel and accommodations arrangements.
  • Support the compilation of participants list (i.e. CHWs, health facility staff, team supervisors, ward supervisors, state, and LGA supervisors), during MDA and other project events
  • Responsible for contracting short term consultants in state office in close communication with the HR manager at the country office and in line with the procurement policy;
  • Coordinate the administration and logistics of the programme office on all field related activities in the state.
  • In line with the programme budget and working closely with the finance officer, ensure value for money of all procurements for programme activities carried out in the state.

How to apply: Click on this link to apply

Senior IT Assistant at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

  • Assist the office in implementing set standards for applications that meets the needs of the users and supports the overall Information and Communication Technology.
  • Monitor and maintain the LAN, Network Servers, Routers, Printers, LAN Points, Switches, Patch panels, Access points, HF and VHF bases, HF and VHF relay stations, Satellite Modem¿to prevent faults occurring.
  • Evaluate needs for upgrading and eventually replacing ICT equipment in the field, to meet with UNHCR standards.
  • Select the most efficient and economic means for the transmission of messages, taking into consideration the nature and priority of communications to be transmitted.
  • Carry out administrative duties, within the area of competence as assigned.
  • To decide on appropriate resolution to incidents. – Escalating incidents where they cannot be resolved at the office level
  • Carry out missions for new installations and routine maintenance tours of ICT equipment.
  • Ensure that ICT problem recovery is done as quickly as possible and make regular system back-ups.
  • Assist with the installation of the software packages, basic repair/maintenance of computer hardware, HF and VHF equipment.
  • Train UNHCR staff on email system, utilization of VHF handhelds, telephone system.
  • Add and remove users from the Networks.
  • Maintain the inventory of ICT equipment and keep track of movements of ICT equipment.
  • Draft mails and memoranda on ICT matters.
  • Assist in the drafting of technical documentation on radio equipment operating procedures
  • Certify invoices and delivery notes and pass for payment.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Apply here:

Data Management and Reporting Officer at Plan International

  • Captures learning and case studies, systematically document, research, compile and utilize for external influence, to inform strategic direction, strategic planning, for reporting and other organizational objectives.
  • Establish and nurture lessons learned and best practices amongst Plan staff at different level.
  • Closely work with the M&E and project Coordinator in order to ensure regular report submission
  • Prepare and Submit CPDR to project coordinator for review.
  • Support Program Units to have systematic, user friendly and up-to-date knowledge and information management systems
  • Train staff on information, learning, data and knowledge management, including but not limited to the use of intranet.
  • Establish an innovative, user friendly, reliable, and up-to-date internal information database for experiences sharing, knowledge sharing, information sharing and make it accessible.
  • Prepare case studies and success stories and share learnt lessons to internal staff and externally as appropriate.
  • Help disseminate information about the organization’s information and knowledge sharing program to internal and external audiences.
  • Compile and systematically archive events, communications, researches, regular corporate reports such as the CPDR.
  • Develop corporate information and knowledge inventory to assist with ensuring an ongoing information and knowledge management requirements are met
  • Analyse information and data and share to internal staff for proper use and externally as relevant
  • Perform any other duty that may be assigned from time to time.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Optimal Greening Foundation

  • Develop and implement comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plans for OGF programs.
  • Design logical frameworks, performance indicators, and data collection tools aligned with each program’s goals and objectives.
  • Conduct data analysis using appropriate statistical software (e.g., Excel, SPSS, etc) to generate insightful and actionable findings.
  • Interpret data trends, patterns, and correlations to assess program performance, outcomes, and impact.
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to identify program strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Prepare comprehensive monitoring and evaluation reports, presenting findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Collaborate with the program team to ensure effective utilization of monitoring and evaluation findings for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Monitor program performance against targets and milestones, facilitating timely reporting and accountability.
  • Collaborate with program teams and external stakeholders to integrate monitoring and evaluation activities into program design, implementation, and reporting.
  • ​​Support project progress reporting and project review.
  • Establish clear data collection protocols and procedures, ensuring ethical considerations and confidentiality are maintained.
  • Coordinate and oversee the collection of high-quality data from various sources, including surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, etc.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to: using the job title as the subject of the mail. CVs received without Cover Letter would be rejected.


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