Economic disruptions, goal re-alignment, career change; whatever be your change need as a sustainability professional or sustainability enthusiast, here is an opportunity to give that desire a boost this November. Selected from respected Non-governmental agencies and humanitarian organizations, you are sure to find your heart’s desire. No matter your discipline, the wide social sector space finds coverage for a rewarding career experience. Entry level, experienced – hire, etc, no doubt you would find a matching job opening in the list given below. Interested applicants are advised to study job details and requirements and apply to jobs for which the qualifications are well suited. Carefully check and select from the list given below:


  1. Gender at the Centre (GCI) Program and Advocacy Coordinator. Deadline November 25. Job details and how to apply here:
  2. Human Resource Officer at Plan International – Aspire. Application deadline November 22. Click to apply:
  3. Head, Internal Audit and Assurance at Society for Family Health, Details here:
  4. Management Information System (MIS) Consultant at SFH. How to apply:
  5. Gender Equality and Inclusion Coordinator at Plan International. Apply here:,
  6. Health and MHPSS Officer at Plan International. Details here:
  7. Project Manager – Aspire. How to apply:
  8. Health (SRH & MHPSS) Coordinator at Plan International. Apply here:
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Plan Int’l.
  10. Project Manager (Remote) at Plan Int’l. Click here to apply:
  11. Child Protection Specialist – Food Security at Plan International. To apply:
  12. Supply Chain Officer (Abuja) at Malaria Consortium. Details:
  13. State Administrative & Logistics Officer (Oyo and Abuja) at Malaria Consortium. See job details here:
  14. Research Manager (Population Movement and Protection) at Impact Initiatives. Apply here:
  15. REACH Senior GIS Officer (Public Health Unit) at Impact Initiatives:
  16. REACH Nutrition Assessment Officer (Public Health Unit). Apply here:
  17. REACH Research Manager (Public Health Unit). Details on how to apply available here:
  18. Finance Officer (IFRC) Abuja. Qualifications, application details, here:
  19. Safety and Security Manager – OTL at IRC. More details here:
  20. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Lead – USAID / OTL. Apply here:
  21. Finance and Admin Manager – USAID / OTL. Job details here:


Before applying for any of the above listed jobs, ensure you posses the REQUIRED qualification and experience. It is important to note the possession of REQUIRED qualifications is usually a pre-condition to be considered for short-listing. Also ensure that you are applying with an updated CV that highlights relevant qualifications and experience. For those with more than three (3) years working experience, it may be more beneficial to start your CV with your work experience and present academic qualifications and bio data afterwards. A good CV should tell a compelling story about a candidate so much as to attract the attention of the busy recruitment teams. Be real and be honest: do not window dress your CV with experience and qualifications you do not possess. Finally, remember to send in your application before the closing date.


When you are eventually selected for an interview, it is worthwhile to prepare like you would for an examination. Rehearse your introductory lines: a good introduction affords your listenership of the panelists. Next, check through the job deliveries and arm yourself with cogent answers to likely questions seeking to verify your competence. Practice to be concise in your responses and avoid jargons in your answers. Read -up recent developments, reporting standards and applicable regulations in the area of your job interest. This is important to demonstrate to your interviewers that you are not outdated knowledge-wise. Spend time to gather valuable information about the organization for which you are being interviewed; learn about their corporate culture, values, vision and mission. This helps you in aligning your answers to the needs of the organization. Do not forget to arm your self with details of contemporary issues globally or nationally as many interviewers delve into general knowledge questions to test candidates’ versatility. Your dressing is part of the interview, keep it corporate and less elaborate. Lastly, plan to arrive at the interview venue 30 minutes before the appointed time. This is important to ensure you are settled and well-composed for the business of the day.

Remember, it is unethical to pay money to be considered for any job opening. Request for payment as condition for job application is usually an indication of a job scam.

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