More than ever before, sustainability professionals and social entrepreneurs have seen huge disruptions in their career and enterprise progression as both immediate consequences and aftermath of global COVID-19 pandemic. These have either manifested from suspension of ongoing projects/programs, downsizing of organizations in line with economic realities or operational re-alignments that changed structure of operations from physical to virtual engagements thereby reducing the manpower needs on on-going projects. Irrespective of how the disruptions may have occurred, it is important that the affected professionals find alternative engagements to fill -in the career gaps already created and to remedy the attendant economic consequences.

The following job openings have been selected from trusted organizations to provide sustainability professionals (and aspiring professionals) an opportunity to re-launch themselves into the mainstream of social entrepreneurship. However, it is important for applicants to gauge their qualifications and experience against the various job requirements to ensure they get the best chances of being hired for roles applied for. Here are the open opportunities:

Before you apply, remember to update your resume to reflect accurate bio date, academic and professional qualifications, relevant job experience and volunteering engagements. Note finance and related roles in most NGOs require previous experience in related organizations; therefore, highlight these experiences and related engagements. Arm yourself with adequate information about the organization and role applied for. Finally, prepare yourself for a virtual interview as most recruiters are still on virtual mood,

Good luck

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